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Pricing Details

Price: $110 for one 3-hour lesson per student

$220 for one 3-hour lesson per teacher package (1 student, 1 adult) 

Minimum of 4 students / maximum 6 students – Ages 5+

All classes are custom-tailored to age and interest of students

Classes cover: 

Climb aboard the most unique sailing learning experience. Here at Sail Away San Diego, we set the stage for kids to sail, navigate, and explore San Diego’s rich maritime history. Through a hands-on approach, students stay engaged across a wide spectrum of curricular areas – math, science, local and world history, literature, and technology. The educational program is designed to challenge, inspire, and enlighten students of all ages (K-12) about a wide variety of all things maritime and beyond.

Classes take place aboard the 50-foot sailing vessel Babayaga. The program is designed to provide a fun, safe, engaging introduction to sailing. During each lesson students spend part of their time sailing and navigating the San Diego Bay and are introduced to fundamental boat handling skills, boat parts, and terminology. Students learn new skills and enhance their confidence. Tailored team-building activities consist of cooperation, teamwork, and communication.

Once the vessel is anchored, students engage in a broad range of nautical and maritime thematic activities. History comes alive and students return back to early 19th century era. Based on Richard Henry Dana Jr’s book Two Years Before the Mast, we study California history and imagine how the life of a sailor was 200 years ago. Students study how the California’s coastline has changed since Dana’s time, and what problems sailors had to face long ago. We cover various maritime events from American history and famous ships that made it all possible.


Students discover how the early sailors navigate the oceans, what techniques and tools they used. They explore nautical charts, get familiar with using a compass as well as modern navigational tool like GPS.

Students discover the wonders of the sea and engage in marine science.  We focus on many topics like marine mammals, fishes, and human impacts on marine life, and enhance their understanding of science and promote responsibility to protect the environment.   

Classes are small with up to 6 students. Classes are taught by USCG captains, a husband and wife team and their two boys (6 and 10). With ample homeschool experience and a passion for sailing, we love to ignite kids’ curiosity and their sense for adventure.



Robert Svoboda USCG Captain

Katerina Svoboda MBA


  •  I had an amazing experience booking a proposal cruise with Sail Away San Diego. Robert was very helpful in helping me set up the whole thing. I was able to enjoy an awesome cruise in the bay with my fiancee, especially with the nice breeze and setting sun. Robert did well to give us our privacy, but also provided us with a good conversation when we wanted. Then came the proposal with the pictures, which went smoothly and looked great. Dinner was also well-prepared and everything was perfect! I never felt rushed or intruded upon. I highly recommend working with Robert for all your cruising needs in San Diego!

    Peter Le

    Testimonial Source: 

  •  Ramona and I can NOT begin to describe the truly fairytale experience we had with Robert and Katrina and Sail Away San Diego! From the moment we were picked up and ferried to their sailing yacht, to sipping champagne on the bear skin rug, to dropping on my knee to ask my Sweetheart if she would marry was TRULY a magical evening that neither one of us will ever forget. Thank you to both Robert and Katrina for capturing this moment for us to treasure for a lifetime. By the way...She said "YES!"...Yeah!!! We look forward to sailing with you both again someday... With heartfelt appreciation, Tim & Ramona

    Tim Probasco

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  • Great experience. That's is the best way do make a proposal - very romantic and beautiful. Champagne, romantic music, sunset, beautiful yacht - no chance she will say "No". It is affordable as well. After 3 hours of sailing we were very surprised to get a free ride to our hotel - that's how good Robert treat his clients. Be sure he is the best!

    Pavel Khitrikov

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  • Sailaway San Diego provided us the best food and the best experience we could possibly have for an anniversary. The champagne was awesome, the salmon was perfectly cooked, and not to mention, the weather was perfect for such an occasion. I strongly recommend the photo service because the pictures he took for us were definitely better than the ones I signed up for. I strongly recommend Sail Away San Diego for a place to go for a romantic occasion. Thanks alot Robert!

    Steve Kang

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  • Our experience on Sail Away was Fantastic! We both truly enjoyed the experience and felt like we really had our own special moment to start this new journey in our lifetime. Captain Robert was very helpful and funny. He knew exactly where to take the photos and how to customize the proposal. We highly recommend Sail Away SD to the people out there thinking of something on their own with great sunsets and views around our beautiful city here in SD!

    Srinivas Reddy

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Photos by Robert Svoboda

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